Members of HERALD5 have the optional choice of also joining SAFE in HERALD5, a third option supervisory accountability association in accordance with SC statute 59-65-47. Membership in SAFE legalizes homeschooling in South Carolina and provides documentation to its parent members for student driver’s licenses, dual enrollment, and high school transcripts as needed. More details are available on the SAFE Application Form, which can be found here.

Contact Amanda Maybach to inquire about a new SAFE membership and access to Members Only pages. Please be aware that you need to be a member of both HERALD5, our sister homeschooling support group, and HSLDA in order to be a member of SAFE in HERALD5. You can access the HERALD5 and HSLDA applications here. Review the full list of requirements necessary to join and maintain membership in SAFE in HERALD5.


SAFE Coordinators:
Amanda Maybach (SAFE Coordinator) –
April Goidosik (SAFE Treasurer) –
Healther Elmore (High School Coordinator) –