Biblical Reasons to HomeschoolBeginning HomeschoolingBeginning Homeschooling in SCExploring HomeschoolingExploring Homeschooling MethodsThe Early Years – Homeschooling Preschool Through Middle School If you would like to read the legislation about homeschooling in South Carolina, see SC Law. A Word about 3rd Option Accountability OrganizationsHERALD5 is a support organization, NOT a supervisory/accountability association. To legally homeschool in SC, you MUST be in a supervisory/accountability association; however, membership within a support organization is clearly an option and a wonderful way to network with other homeschool parents. Within HERALD5, we have the option of joining SAFE, as it is considered to be one of many 3rd option supervisory/accountability groups within South Carolina. You must be a member of HERALD5 to be a member of SAFE; however, it is not necessary to be a member of SAFE in order to be a member of HERALD5. You may join any of the supervisory/accountability associations within the state, and SAFE is merely one of many options. South Carolina Home Educator's Association has a full listing of these other supervisory/accountability associations here. Just be sure to "do your homework" and find out exactly what these various supervisory/accountability associations offer in regards to their services so you will find the one that is the best match for your family's needs. If you are new to homeschooling and would like specific information about joining HERALD5 and about homeschooling in our area, contact New Member Coordinator Yazbet Zannis.

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