So you’ve gotten this far. Now what? Homeschooling high school can be intimidating. It’s the time when things get R-E-A-L! Questions arise like:
  • What classes does my child need to take in order to receive a high school diploma?
  • What is the difference between a basic science course and a lab science course?
  • How do I get in all of the credits for electives?
  • GPA and credits—what are those anyway?
  • What needs to go on a high school transcript?
  • What is dual enrollment? What colleges or universities offer that?
  • How does my child go about applying to college?
 Don’t feel overwhelmed. We are here to tell you it is possible to homeschool your high school students, and you can gain confidence knowing there are plenty of resources to help. Below you will find links to resource centers, websites, and seminar notes from veteran moms who have walked this path before you and lived to share their expertise. You’re so close to seeing what incredible things God can do when you merely take a deep breath, pray, ask for His wisdom, follow His leading, and trust Him for the outcome. And we will join you and give your graduate, and you, a big HOORAY on graduation day. You CAN homeschool high school! Notes from Past HERALD 5 WorkshopsSheri Neely's original "Homeschooling through Middle to High School" workshop"Preparing to Homeschool through High School" March 26, 2009Sheri Neely's Downloadable High School Transcript Helpful Homeschooling High School WebsitesHSLDA Homeschooling Thru High Homeschooling High High School Homeschooling FAQsDonna Young Downloadable FormsSC Uniform Grading Policy, 2019 (Calculating GPA) Local resource centers provide a variety of individual classes for selected middle school and high school courses to help parents with instruction where they feel they need extra assistance.

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