The Leadership

H5 Supervisory Council

Our acting Board of Directors

Council Chair – Russell & Gina Hubright  

Council Vice-Chair – Rolf & Lisa Baghdady  

Council Secretary – Nick & Yazbet Zannis

Council Members – Brian & Cheryl French

Leadership Team Coordinator

Acts as liaison between the H5 SC and the various volunteers within H5

Other Important H5 Contacts

Database Coordinator – Jessica Wray –

                                            Celine Millus – Nature/Outdoor Activities for middle schoolers and up –                                                                                                                                                                  

                                             Bettina Morales – Bible Study/Christian Fellowship –

                                             Christine Morales – HEART gruop –

                                             Suzanne Wadsworth – Workshops/Mini Lessons –

                                            Michelle Woods – Monthly Mom’s Nights Out –

Mickey & Cheryl Porter


Rolf & Lisa Baghdady

Vive President

Russell & Gina Hubright


David & Leslie Graham


We're looking for one more family to join our Supervisory Council!

Leadership Team

Cheryl Porter

Graduation Co-chair

Penny Balmer

HEART Coordinator

Gina Hubright

Social Media Moderator

Dana Todd

Graduation Co-chair

Yazbet Zannis

New Member Contact

Renee DuBose

Database Management

Paige Youmans

Yearbook Coordinator

Heather Elmore

High School Coordinator

Amanda Maybach

SAFE Administrator

April Goidosik

SAFE Treasurer

Janey Goude

H5 Treasurer