HERALD5 Membership becomes official when dues are paid and accompany a completed application form. We reserve the right to refuse membership to those who have not met expectations in the previous year. The expectations of members are as follows:
  1. Payment of Dues
  2. Participation
    • Attendance at one (1) of two (2) large group meetings
    • Completion of volunteer job confirmed by the volunteer coordinator
  3. Proper Conduct/Responsibilities

  4. As HERALD 5 homeschoolers, anytime we are together as a group in public we represent the entire homeschool movement as well as our own families. As a group whose By-Laws are based on Biblical principles, we have a responsibility to protect the reputation of Christ and His church. Therefore, parents are expected to comply with the following to ensure acceptable behavior during activities and field trips:
    * Parents and children are to be modestly attired for all group events
    * Parents and children alike will be expected to abide by the rules of the home or establishment hosting the event, setting an example for all those present. If there is a rule with which a parent does not feel compelled to comply, that parent may quietly exit the field trip at a time that would not disturb those choosing to participate.
    * Parents are expected to enforce the appropriate conduct of children under their supervision.
    * If a child is disrespectful or disruptive, the activity/field trip leader will inform the parent and verbally correct the child if necessary. If the parent is not present, it will be assumed that the field trip leader or another chaperone has the parent's permission to correct the child as necessary.
    * If a child is disrespectful or disruptive a second time on the same trip, or on a subsequent one, the child will be taken aside by a parent or chaperone, and supervised separately from the group activity. If the parent is present, that parent will be required to stay with the child for the duration of the current trip and/or the next group activity.
    * If the negative behavior continues, the child will not be allowed to participate in activities and field trips for the next 30 days.
    * If, after a 30-day suspension period, the child continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior at group activities, the family's activity privileges will be revoked. HERALD 5 retains the right to cancel the membership of any family whose public conduct does not enhance the reputation of the group.

HERALD5 Registration/Large Group Meetings

HERALD5 schedules two (2) registration/large group meetings each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. These meetings are open to both HERALD5 members and non-HERALD5 members who desire to join HERALD5 for the coming school year.

Husbands and wives are encouraged to attend together. Onsite registration is provided at both large group meetings. At the fall meeting, a vendor hall of local homeschool opportunities and resources is provided. The format of the spring meeting will alter between various informative workshops and special speakers. Each meeting informs parents of current legislation affecting homeschooling in South Carolina. For HERALD5 members, recorded attendance at one of these two meetings is mandatory for membership.

Reservations are not required. No childcare is provided. Nursing babies are welcomed to accompany their mothers. Registration dues are required at time of registration.

Fall/Spring Meeting Information